Blame it on Nessie

One of the highlights of my trip in Scotland was my Loch Ness Cruise from Inverness. Inverness (also means “Mouth of the River Ness”) is a city in the Scottish Highlands.  Of course, the cruise is famous because of the legendary Nessie, or the Loch Ness Monster, an aquatic being which reputably inhabits the lake.

File 20-06-2017, 10 11 40 AM


File 20-06-2017, 10 31 04 AM

File 20-06-2017, 10 31 37 AM.jpeg

File 20-06-2017, 10 41 10 AMDuring the cruise, I was one of the few “knights” who stayed at the upper deck of the boat, unmindful of the cold-biting wind, to get an unobstructed view of the mystical lake (and also hoping to see Nessie, hehe).

File 20-06-2017, 10 22 36 AM


But by the time the jaunt was over, the Braveheart-wannabe (that’s me!) gave everyone in the cruise a cold shoulder!  I was not deliberately ignoring them, mind you! The truth of the matter is, I was freezing so freaking bad (at the brink of hypothermia attack) I was already delusional I swear I saw a snowman making out with the snow Queen of Arendelle!

File 20-06-2017, 11 02 50 AM

Blame it on Nessie!


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